How Technology Can Boost Your Business Communications

by Randy GuirguisNovember 29, 2018

Many employers have started utilizing technology to enhance traditional office functions that improve overall business communication and collaboration.  For example, tools such as Google Sheets are used instead of paper bookkeeping or even Excel.  Slack is being used instead of email or instant messaging. Although saving time is a significant benefit of technology, it has proven to provide much more than just efficiency for routine tasks.

In addition to the many benefits of technology, there are also risks of having distracted employees when you center your business functions around the convenience of technology.  According to a 2018 report from Udemy, 78% of respondents said using tech for personal activities at work was their top distraction.

Although there are downfalls to implementing technology in the workplace, it has created a competitive advantage for businesses. When appropriately integrated, tech can improve your office relations by making it easier for employees and customers alike to converse. 

5 ways technology can improve your Business communications:



More people are connected to the internet now more than ever before.  Communication between employees and clients are no longer confined to just formal written communications or phone calls.  Thanks to the technology, messages can be delivered at any time of the day and received from just about anywhere.  Also gone (or rapidly disappearing) are the days away of being chained to your desk. The traditional office is no longer a requirement for employees to communicate effectively, work productively and contribute efficiently. Technology allows your business to maintain a competitive edge by being mobile and flexible.  For example, messaging is now mobile, meaning you can take it on the road and respond at any time.


It's not uncommon for messages to get lost in translation when you're relying on individuals to transmit the message. Whether a receptionist misunderstands a client over the phone or a critical document gets misplaced, there are plenty of ways that traditional communication falls short. It can be extremely frustrating and lead to poor customer experience.  Relying on web-based communication software ensures nearly instantaneous, flawless delivery.


Increased productivity is one of the main reasons why businesses rely more on technology.  People tend to procrastinate when their job is redundant. Employees do not want to spend an excessive amount of time on repetitive tasks. Automating these responsibilities allows people to have more time throughout their day to fill it with meaningful work.  Performing the same duties at the workplace causes people to lose focus; therefore, implementing technology allows employees to automate repetitive tasks and speed up processes. 

You can't expect disengaged employees to become motivated by new software alone, but you can save your company time by using programs that automate data storage, record keeping and performing tasks that would typically be a manual and monotonous.


Technology is leading to increased communication of your brand and your company's message both internally and externally. Marketing isn't limited to paper anymore. In fact, how often do you even see someone standing on the street corner handing out flyers? The internet is the new newspaper. Social media offers your business an endless opportunity to connect with new audiences. Implementing a social media strategy allows your marketing team to save time, remain competitive and be creative in the marketplace.  


With greater access to technological services, employees can learn new skills faster and easier than ever before. Rather than sending people out to a class and spending money on tuition, employees can sign up for free classes online covering topics such as analytics, finance, marketing, and more that will be able to help grow the company and increase their capabilities. 



Technology is continuously being introduced, adopted and improved. Most of this technology can help improve your business communications to customers, prospects and internal employees alike.  Regardless of whether you're a small office or large corporation, integrating the right technology into your workplace is a fantastic way to improve communications and improve your team's overall productivity.

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