Voice Mail Speech to Text Transcription Now Available

by Level365March 13, 2019

Have you received a voice mail message but may not be in a convenient place to listen? Level365 now offers voice mail transcription powered by Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. This feature will transcribe up to a one minute long voice mail message into readable text which can be viewed in your Level365 web app (https://app.level365.com) or can be sent in an email with the attached voice recording. The new and improved Cloud Speech-to-Text engine promises significantly improved voice recognition performance. Google has been among the leaders of this voice development and one of the main reasons we chose to use their engine. During a beta rollout of this service, we used a transcription engine from a popular vendor that is used by some of the largest communication providers but we were disappointed by the accuracy. So our technical staff began testing of other alternatives and Google Cloud Speech-to-Text was the clear winner! 

Speech to Text VM-1


You can compare transcription against the actual recording by listening to the clip below:

Level365 Cloud Speech to Text voice mail transcription is available on all premium subscription plans at no extra charge. Office manager roles can enable this feature for users by following the steps in this this support article or users can enable this feature themselves by following the steps in this support article.


2019-03-14 11.52.25


As always, our technical support staff is available to assist with any technical questions and you can reach them by visiting our support page.