The Level365 Story: Our Why

by Doug KramerNovember 16, 2018

Every company has a story.  The backdrop of how it was founded, started, or evolved over time to become what it is today.  Often the origins tell of humble beginnings started out of someone’s garage; and Level365 is no different. Rather than a garage it was a small, cramped office meant ideally for one person, but occupied to the hilt by our three founders;  Jim, Tom & Sean.  

We want to take a few moments to share our story with you. Why tell our story now? Perhaps you have heard that people don’t buy a product or service; but they buy the “why” of that product or service. In fact, it’s a now-famous quote: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." -Simon Sinek, Author, Motivational Speaker and Marketing consultant.  Here is our story.  The absolute  “why” for why we are in business.

The TEAM before Level365

Level365’s core partnership began long before Level365 ever opened its doors for business; or even before three people crammed themselves into a one-person office. It began with a college internship requirement.  Tom needed to complete his second required internship in order to graduate from the Lacy School of Business at Butler University and Jim was looking for an intern to assist with the growing business he co-founded to provide high-speed Internet access to companies, which was named DSLIndiana.  Tom made such an impression that before the internship was even over, or degree in hand, he was offered a full-time position with DSLIndiana.  Jim and Tom continued the success of DSLIndiana over the next 5 years until it was time to explore other professional interests.


Through the strong bond they formed over the years working together, Jim and Tom maintained their friendship after DSLIndiana. During the course of their conversations, they found themselves with the same requests from prior clients wanting their specific recommendations on a business voice service.  The customers would ask time and time again: “We want a company like DSLIndiana but for business voice service, who would you recommend?” The reality was companies were not getting the reliability and advanced features in a voice service that they expected.

From the multitudes of requests, the idea of not just a reliable business voice provider; but one that was truly customer-focused became the genesis for starting Level365 in 2008.  The only missing piece was someone with the technical skillset and ability to build a secure, reliable platform that could provide the quality service that business customers needed. Enter Sean Cheesman; who had years of experience not only in IT, but also in enterprise network architecture, and consulting.  With his extraordinary abilities, he understood not only what was required; but exactly how the platform needed to be scaled to make it a superior offering. He knew how to make this idea become a reality.

While Level365 wasn’t started in a garage, like many of the tech companies you hear about, it was started in a small one room office that was converted officer quarters at decommissioned Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, IN ; the equivalent of a garage just with better amenities. The mentality of starting a business was the same regardless of where it started - garage, basement or crowded office.  The sole purpose was to create a service that was more reliable and included far better support than other providers; and we continue with that core value today.

A Focus On Service

The telecommunications industry is well-known for poor customer service and the same features that have been around for thirty-years.  One of the biggest differences between Level365 and other providers is our focus on providing outstanding customer support. For many telecommunications providers, having customers wait on hold for more than 15 minutes is commonplace.  Many companies say something like “we treat your business as if it were our own”.  At Level365, we value customers with our actions not just our words; by answering support calls in 15 seconds or less with a 99% satisfaction ranking

Service Level image-screen shot_Sept2618


A Different Type of Provider

We are a different type of provider. We don’t lock customers into long-term contracts like many of the national providers. We put our business on the line every month with our customers. If we don’t provide quality service and support, our customers are free to leave without any strings attached. Thanks to our reliable service and support, our customers stay with us month after month. Everything is done with the customer in mind and our solutions are tailored to provide solutions that work for our clients.

The service we offer is state-of-art, cutting-edge technology delivered over our own cloud-platform.  Our service is more than just business voice; it is a full Unified Communications platform designed for business and hosted within the cloud.  However, as much as we like to talk about our service itself, what really sets us apart time after time is our customer service and support.  Customers and Partners would not typically get this level of support from national providers.  It starts with our dedicated installation support prior to transition to our platform and continues with ongoing support included with our service. We let our service speak for itself with month-to-month service without long-term contracts.   

The Level365 Difference

At Level365, our focus is around our supporting our customers.  Everything is done with the customer in mind and our programs are tailored to provide solutions that work best for our clients including the following:

No Long-term Contracts:  We don't lock you into long-term contracts. We earn your business every month.

✅ No Maintenance Fees:  We upgrade and maintain our systems so you don't have to worry about your business phone system.

Ongoing Support Included:  We provide award-winning, U.S. based customer support before, during and after the sale.

Lower Overall TCO:  Lower upfront costs than traditional onsite phone systems leading to lower overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Simple Predictable Pricing:  Telecom pricing can be confusing with hidden fees. We offer simple, all-inclusive pricing.

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About Level365:

Level365 is a provider of hosted Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and provides services to small to medium enterprises with between 5-200 employees.  The company was established in 2009 as a cloud service provider offering voice, internet access, and hosted web applications.  In 2015, we upgraded our voice platform to a full unified communications platform which enabled us to deliver full UC services to business hosted within the cloud.