Buyer Beware:  Exposing Hidden Fees With Business Telecommunications Service

by Doug KramerJanuary 3, 2019

Buyer beware:  Not all telecommunications pricing is created equally.  Let’s assume you are shopping for business communications services from various providers; traditional telecommunications companies, VoIP and Unified Communications as a...

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Level365 UC Solutions For Government

by Doug KramerDecember 18, 2018
  At Level365, our team is dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing communications for all types of businesses including counties, cities and towns. We often find that government entities are saddled with managing disparate systems,...
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How Unified Communications Supports Your Entire Office

by Doug KramerDecember 5, 2018

If you are looking to improve your entire office’s business communications, Unified Communications (UC) is the answer. UC provides your entire staff with mobility, flexibility, connectivity and real-time information.

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How Technology Can Boost Your Business Communications

by Randy GuirguisNovember 29, 2018

Many employers have started utilizing technology to enhance traditional office functions that improve overall business communication and collaboration.  For example, tools such as Google Sheets are used instead of paper bookkeeping or even...

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Win-Win: Our Experience with the Butler Internship Program

by Doug KramerNovember 20, 2018

The city of Indianapolis is fortunate to be home to many fine institutions of higher education, such as: University of Indianapolis, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), and Marion University to name just a few.  Though,...

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The Level365 Story: Our Why

by Doug KramerNovember 16, 2018

Every company has a story.  The backdrop of how it was founded, started, or evolved over time to become what it is today.  Often the origins tell of humble beginnings started out of someone’s garage; and Level365 is no different. Rather than a...

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The Parallel Benefits Of SaaS and UCaaS

by Doug KramerOctober 31, 2018

Although most companies don't think twice about using Software as a Service (SaaS), many companies hesitate to see the value of switching to Unified Communications (UCaaS) even though almost all of the benefits of using SaaS for software...

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Improving Internal Communications with Slack

by Doug KramerOctober 30, 2018

We love Slack for improving internal communications. There we said it and we used the word love. Should we take it back? It's too late now. Is it perfect? No, but it helps our teams communicate. It allows people, projects, and tasks to move...

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3 Types of Level365 Unified Communication Partner Programs

by Claire CollettOctober 16, 2018

Are you an IT or Managed Service Provider looking to offer your clients the latest in Unified Communications (UC) solutions? Are you tired of being just another number and not receiving the necessary support for your clients from the big VoIP...

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Level365 Unified Communications Partner Program

by Claire CollettOctober 16, 2018

Level365 is dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, maintaining and operating business communications. Our solutions offer a managed customized phone system, in the cloud, with minimal start-up costs and reduced telephone bills. Our...

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