Level365 Unified Communications Partner Program

by Claire CollettOctober 16, 2018

Level365 is dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, maintaining and operating business communications. Our solutions offer a managed customized phone system, in the cloud, with minimal start-up costs and reduced telephone bills. Our cloud-based platform allows us to perform ongoing maintenance and system updates, instead of having that burden fall on customers. 

The service we offer extends beyond just voice with a unified communications platform that offers analytics, presence, conferencing, cloud faxing, chat, SMS, CRM integrations and more.

With other provider’s programs, you are left to do-it-yourself. At Level365, we work with you to provide project management support as you transition a customer from their existing service to our UC platform. Our Partner Program is founded upon two main facets:

Supporting Customers:

At Level365, our main focus is centered around our customers. It is common for many companies to say, “we treat your business as if it were our own,” but fail to fulfill this promise through their actions. At Level365, we value our customers by answering support calls in 15 seconds or less, with a 99% satisfaction ranking.  View our real-time customer satisfaction results here.  Our service doesn’t lock customers into long-term contracts like many of the national providers. If we don’t deliver quality service and support, our customers are free to leave - no strings attached.

Thanks to our reliable service and support, our customers stay with us month after month. Everything is done with the customer in mind and our programs are tailored to provide solutions that work best for your clients.

What Customers Think About Our Support

Building Relationships:

Relationships with our Partners are at the core of what we do. At Level365, we build, develop and foster relationships with our Partners so there is a level of trust and respect that is established over time. We strive to work in conjunction with our Partners and share a mutual goal of customer satisfaction.

Level365 is here to support your business and continued success. We understand that your reputation is on the line when you refer your clients to us. At Level365, we work with you to customize a partnership that fits your expertise and level of involvement to ensure that both you and your clients succeed.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Partnering with Level365:

(1) Direct support for your sales efforts: Our partner sales team becomes an extension of your business with hands-on assistance, including educating customers and closing sales.

(2) Dedicated installation support: A single point of contact provisions your orders quickly and keeps you informed.

(3) Legendary technical support: You and your clients enjoy 24/7 access to tools and experienced technicians that own every issue start to finish - no tiers, no scripts, no hassles.

(4) Competitive commissions: Generous one-time referral payments or residual payments for solution partners who make volume commitments.

(5) Sales and product resources: Online webinars, regular newsletters and an extensive partner portal.


About Level365:

Level365 offers a complete Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution with enterprise voice that is customizable and scalable for your business. Our service seamlessly integrates communication among your desk phones, computers and mobile devices to support remote teams and provide flexibility for on-site staff. The UC platform extends beyond voice communications with Unified Messaging, Presence, Chat/SMS, Cloud Faxing, Business Systems Integrations and more. We are a different type of provider. Everything is done with the customer in mind and our solutions are tailored to provide positive results for our clients. We make everything easy and turn-key for our clients including:

Month-to-Month Service⼁Predictable Pricing ⼁No Maintenance⼁Ongoing Support Included

5 Most Popular Level365 Unified Communication Features

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