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Sound Masking for the Modern Office

by Level365March 29, 2019

When looking for corporate office space to accommodate our growing team a few years back, we knew we wanted something with character and an open floor plan that fostered collaboration and interaction between the different departments. When we...

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Voice Mail Speech to Text Transcription Now Available

by Level365March 13, 2019

Have you received a voice mail message but may not be in a convenient place to listen? Level365 now offers voice mail transcription powered by Google Cloud Speech-to-Text. This feature will transcribe up to a one minute long voice mail message...

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4 Tools I Couldn’t Live Without As A Social Media Intern At Level365

by Level365January 11, 2018

If someone would have asked me three months ago about how to manage social media accounts for a business voice service provider, I would have probably looked at them with a blank stare. I am familiar with social media, of course, but being a...

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