What Is Unified Communications? (And Why It Matters For Your Business)

by Doug KramerJune 20, 2018

Perhaps you have heard the buzz surrounding Unified Communications (UC).  It centers around the telecommunications industry, mobility, flexibility, integration, information and everyone seems to have a different definition or if not a different...

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3 Reasons Small Businesses Hesitate to Switch to Unified Communications with Hosted Voice

by Doug KramerJune 15, 2018

It’s time to make the switch to Unified Communications (UC) with Hosted Voice and upgrade your overall business communications.  So, what’s stopping you or your business from making this much-needed change?  More and more businesses are making...

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Supporting the Rising Remote Workforce

by Doug KramerJune 7, 2018

In order to appeal to some of the best employees out there, smart companies are fostering and supporting a remote workforce. This means providing a way for staff to communicate and engage either through a home office setup or other outlets while...

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Top 5 Pitfalls of Business VoIP (And How to Avoid Them)

by Doug KramerJune 1, 2018

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and rightfully so. Traditionally business phone systems require onsite equipment and connection through a local phone provider.  Prior to VoIP, there were hardly any...

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